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We can’t wait to help you “Support Your Cause” through Our Clothing with a Purpose Fundraiser!

At Calvary Tree, our mission is to spread His love through Christian clothing. We donate a minimum of 10% of our net profits to organizations that support Christianity, first responders, our freedom, and families in need.

Now we’ve expanded our mission to help YOU share & support YOUR cause through our impactful clothing line fundraiser!

We’ll give YOUR cause 10% of each item sold using YOUR CauseCode, and your shoppers will get 10% off their clothing!


It’s easy to get started.




Register your cause before February 28, 2022. 

We will review the information, approve your cause, and send you the CauseCode! 

Share your CauseCode and our website to your network! The more people who buy, the more money your cause will receive! Share your CauseCode through March 31, 2022. We’ll even give you a sample message to share with your network, post it on social media, send it out via email, or even text it to your friends and family! 

This is a great opportunity to help your church, Christian-based school, youth sports team, or 501c3 charity raise funds – with very little work from you! The only catch – time is of the essence! You must register your cause for our fundraiser before February 28th, and you only have until March 31 to earn the funds!


Register Your Cause


Who does this lucky organization have to thank? (Your information)

Thanks for submitting! We'll send an email with your CauseCode very soon! 

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popular clothing with a purpose!


Check out some of our most 

Fundraiser FAQ

What causes can participate in this fundraiser? 

We’re a Christian company with a heart for the Lord! Most any organization can benefit from our Support Your Cause fundraiser. However, we do reserve the right to review your cause and decide whether it aligns with our mission. 

Example of acceptable causes, Churches, Christian schools, children’s activities, youth sports, causes supporting first responders, causes supporting families, causes supporting hunger relief, or humanitarian causes. You do not have to be a 501c3, but you do have to be a “cause.” It’s very easy to apply, if you’re in doubt of whether your cause can be supported, just ask! 


When will my cause receive the funds?

Eligible sales run through March 31, 2022. All sales will be tallied after March 31, 2022. You and your cause will be provided with the tally and your cause will receive funds within 90 days. 


What if people return the items they purchased? 

Any returned items will be removed from the total eligible sales your cause receives.

Where do I get my CauseCode? 

Use the registration form above to request your code. We will review your cause and get a code sent to you and the contact at the organization ASAP. We’ll also provide you with a message you can use to share your fundraiser. 


Can you help me support my cause? 

Of course! We will @tag each organization who registers, on our own Facebook page, announcing your participation. You can then share that post to help build your own sales! 


I don’ have a cause, but can I tell others about this? 

Yes! There is no limit to the number of causes we will help support! Share this news far and wide to help spread His word and support your cause! Use hashtags #ClothingWithAPurposeFundrasier #ShareYourCause


Is there a cause code I can use if I just want to support a cause and don’t have my own? 

Yes! Actually, no code is required. We support many local churches, charities, and organizations by donating 10% of net profits. No code is required to help! Simply buy an item from our clothing line and rest assured, you’re spreading His love and supporting a local cause! Also, if you send us an email, we will send you a list of active causes and their corresponding codes. 


I’m confused, can I speak with someone to help? 

Yes! We would love to hear from you. Contact us here!

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